Band of heroes


What’s happening to the hero in 21st century Western fiction?

The outsider hero of the Hero’s journey archetype remains the dominant paradigm in Western storytelling. However, I believe that there is a new thread to the story of the hero which needs to be described and discussed in classrooms.

Band of heroes

In contrast to the outsider hero and his/her helpers, some stories now feature a group of heroes of equal status. I believe this is because we are experiencing environmental, social, political and economic circumstances in which solutions to complex dilemmas will only be achieved through collaboration and collective solutions. In addition, readers/viewers are now able to respond to stories by creating fan fiction and homage music, art and films in ways which echo the collaborations WITHIN texts. It is our role as teachers to work with our students so that they can embrace the potential of co-authoring - by creating and sharing multimodal texts and fan fiction stories.

Credits: Thanks to Zoe Van Stolk, Amy Krisenthal, Anne Sheen, Victor Davidson, Shauna Pollard and Rosanna Hili for teaching about my Band of heroes framework and for creating the downloadable teaching resources featured in the PDFs tab. Thanks to Mimi Jazie for her art work: @MimiJazie on Twitter. 

PDFs: Downloadable teaching resources include fantasy fiction writing tasks, as well as tasks to support Tomorrow when the war began and The dead of the night by John Marsden, with fan fiction writing tasks to respond to Friday night lights, Series 1.


Lizzie Chase 



15/02/2012 00:35
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