The band of heroes

Complex: The problems faced by the heroes are complex. The real world back drop may be implied, not stated: Environmental, social, political, personal, class and economic issues compete for human attention in the 21C.

Collaborative: The problems require a group solution.

Contextual: The place, people and problems are specific, not universal. Eg The place is conjured up with great care and is very evocative. 

Champions: Different heroes come into focus in different episodes/chapters. Point of view is critical to conveying their journeys. The heroes are flawed and have specific strengths – in combination the band of heroes is strong. The heroes are often home town. Sometimes, they share characteristics with the outsider hero – there is not a complete disjunction.

Conjectural: It isn’t a foregone conclusion how the episodes/chapters will end. Questions may be raised for the viewer/reader. Themes may make “cameo appearances”. Continuity and causality may be deliberately morphed, at the service of conveying a web of themes. Coherence and clarity may be reached by the champions, at moments which cut through the complexity. 

Co-creative: Readers/viewers work actively to fill in the gaps/silences. They may also create fan fiction and homage art works, music and films because they are part of a community creating a collaborative web of meanings.