Click on the folder below to download a FULL set of teaching resources to support fan fiction writing in secondary English classrooms. The folder below contains many extra resources in addition to the few which are featured on this website. In the top menu, select FOLDER ACTIONS, then DOWNLOAD, to save all the resources as a one zipped file. These teaching resources explore the band of heroes framework as an emerging paradigm which complements The hero's journey framework.

Featured texts
Tomorrow when the war began & The dead of the night by John Marsden and Friday night lights, Series 1.   

Credits: Thanks to Zoe Van Stolk, Amy Krisenthal, Anne Sheen, Victor Davidson, Shauna Pollard and Rosanna Hili for teaching about my Band of heroes framework and for creating the teaching resources featured below. Thanks to Mimi Jazie for art work: @MimiJazie on Twitter.